Sutton Creek Trail

February 3, 1991

Several participants tried, but nobody got lost walking all the loops of the Sutton Creek Trail. The leaders were determined to get at least a 7-mile hike in, by walking every stretch of available trail. Maps with the course marked in red were issued before the hike began. The leaders exhibited some temporary confusion at the trail branch to the boat ramp, but resolved the dilemma by taking the wider trail. A bit of drizzle refreshed the warm hikers between displays of sun and clouds. Lunch was declared just before mass fainting began, even though the perfect spot had not been found. We split into two groups, the completely starved and the merely hungry. The merely hungry group ate beside a lake in the Alder Dunes Campground. At the end of the day we all pitched in to clean up the trailhead shelter area, which had been the scene of a drinking party the night before. The picnic tables and benches, in good shape when the leaders checked out the trail two weeks earlier, had been burned for firewood on the concrete slab under the shelter roof. Beer cans and styrofoam dotted the landscape. Thanks to all the hikers—Mary Jane Battin, Ben Elkus, Gladys Grancorvitz, Kevin Clark, Sylvia Harvey, Corinne Hunt, Kristen Kaltenstein, Gary Marx and Sharon Ritchie—who helped Susan Baker and Marcia Danab (leaders) to tidy things up.

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