Proxy Falls/Belknap Hot Springs

February 2, 1991

This trip was originally scheduled as a cross-country ski trip. However, due to poor ski/snow conditions it was switched to a hike to Proxy Falls and a swim in the Belknap hot springs pool. It was raining most of the trip, but who cared — we were all dressed warm in our rain gear and good lug boots. We drove up to the White Branch snow gate in Norman’s new Oldsmobile Cutlass … what comfort! Then the hike up the road in snow, slush and ice was no problem. We had our lunch at the Falls and hurried back to the car, anticipating our nice warm swim at Belknap Spa. We arrived at Belknap at 2:00 and soaked in the steam-heated pool for an hour. So relaxing and enjoyable, believe me, then home in the rain. Enjoying this triathalon (hiking, snow sliding and swimming) were Denis Biesecker, Norm Benton, Lorraine Mombert and leaders Kathy & Parker Riddle.

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