Tahkenitch Dunes

January 27, 1991

I must warn you in advance, this shall be a “by the book” trip report. There is no way I can top Michael Cooper’s thoroughly entertaining bit of ?fiction? A combination of promised blue skies, warm temperatures and icy skiing conditions, brought our group to a total of 19. I’m very pleased to announce that newly-licensed driver, BOB FOSTER, drove up in his beautiful red ’89 Nissan. He received several rounds of cheers and we almost managed a “wave.” The day was, indeed, perfect; warm and sunny. The group split in two at lunch, some admiring the ocean view, others opting to gaze at Threemile Lake. In bits and pieces, the group wandered back up the coast and across the dunes to the trailhead. The low-key day ended with a stop in Florence for the usual sustenance before the long drive home. My thanks to a great crew consisting of Susan Baker, Bonnie Manheim, Anne Montgomery, Shirley Froyd, Carol House, Joella Ewing, Dennis Lueck, Bob Foster, Carol Stern, Gerhard Hoffman, Corrine Hunt, Dave Predeek, Gladys Grancorvitz, Glen Meares, and non-members Mark Garber, Janet Pardo, Audrey Moehne and Frank Windisch with Sharon Ritchie (leader).

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