Midnight Lake

January 24, 1991

Only the 3 Musketeers: Norman Benton, Glenn Meares and Gene Thaxton showed up at our take-off point and despite a changed date of trip (my doing, leader Birgitte Williams) and poor snow report we set off with courage. Overcast sky in the valley turned into clear blue sky at the trailhead, and the snow was quite good on the service road with lovely vistas opening up along our trek up through the tall pines. However the trail off the road was rather tough, mostly icy and a real challenge. The men were brave, struggling up ahead, while I cheated and walked up part of the way, unnoticed, I hoped. Lunch on the lake was supreme with “camp robbers” ready to share our goodies. An igloo nearby had melted partly on the south side and gave us a fine view of the interior. We were even blessed with a half-moon at noon. The trip out was a far greater challenge than coming in. The truth became known, I either walked on the icy trail, or sat on the skis pretending I was sledding. It was almost impossible to stand up or stop. Only Gene in an elegant black outfit that would clearly show snow if he fell managed to stay upright all the way—almost. Even Gene “touched” the snow, but ever so lightly just once. The rest of us felt lucky to get back out to the service road without anything hurting and what joy we had gliding gently down, engulfed in sun, blue sky and winter wonderland. Thanks fellows!!

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