Salt Creek Falls/Hoodoo-Big Lake

January 20, 1991

Due probably to uncertainty over the amount of snow remaining at the low elevation of Salt Creek Falls, only one other participant turned up in addition to the leader and his wife. This, together with the leader’s absent mindedness, led to our finding ourselves on the road to the Santiam rather than Willamette Pass. This proved to be a fortunate accident since there was adequate snow in the Hoodoo-Big Lake area, where we went by mutual agreement. Although the snow was icy, it was clear and sunny and we enjoyed magnificent views of Mt. Washington, the Three Sisters, and Three Fingered Jack. We followed the road from Ray Benson Sno-park toward Big Lake but were only occasionally disturbed by snowmobilers. The trip to the vicinity of Big Lake was so fast and easy that we decided to continue to the base of Sand Mountain, where we stopped for lunch. The return trip seemed longer since we encountered strong winds much of the way back; nevertheless, the magnificent views made it worth the effort. Stopping at Mom’s Pies on the way back, we arrived in Eugene by 6 p.m. Participants were Marvin Girardeau (leader), Sue Girardeau and Martha Welches.

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