Rosary Lakes-Fuji Mountain Shelter

January 19, 1991

On a beautiful day, we found the Rosary Lakes Trail to be very icy with no new snow. After a short distance, Herb suggested turning back, going down to the Salt Creek Falls Campground area, and then taking a logging road up toward the Fuji Mountain Shelter. We did this, and found better snow conditions. It was firm, but not icy. As we climbed high above the valley, we had beautiful views of the area. We had lunch in the shelter, enjoying the sunshine and the view. The road was steep enough in some areas that we anticipated problems in controlling our speed at times. However, the upper part was unbroken snow, and we found it to be easier than expected. As we got down into the area that was broken up more on the surface, we had to use our poles for brakes. We fell a few times, but also had a number of excellent runs. In a few places it was necessary to pole, but not necessary to stride on the descent. We had a fun day, and were glad that we had changed destinations. Happy skiers were non-member Herb McMurtry and member-leader Norm Benton.

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