Gwynn Creek

January 12, 1991

Five come-what-may hikers started out from Eugene for the coast in the rain. Although it was warm, a light rain and moderate wind made the parking lot at Neptune State Park not the most pleasant place to get the gear out of the car and suit up for the day’s hike. By 10:15 we were ready to cross the coast highway and head east into the woods along Gwynn Creek. A bright overcast sky gave the woods a luminous glow for the first half of the hike. Wind and rain varied throughout the day. Later we encountered a light fog which outlined the old-growth in an impressive way. On the trail we stopped for a snack to which we all contributed buffet style—hot tea, hot tomato soup, cookies, fruit, etc. The last leg we were walking into a wet wind so by the time we reached the car at 1:45 we were ready to proceed to Mo’s for some warning clam chowder. Mo’s lacks good teas so we decided to make one more stop at Alphabits, Mapleton, for tea and shopping by Sylvia Harvey, Diane Johnson, Vicky Levine, Bonnie Manheim, Gary Marx and Richard Heinzkill (leader).

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