Hoodoo North Loop

January 6, 1991

Early in January when it was snowing I thought this trip would not get off the ground due to the road conditions. But this was not true, the roads were in great shape and using two cars the eleven of us arrived at Ray Benson parking lot about 10:30 a.m. The snow was fluffy, the sky was only slightly overcast. The conditions were great! We had lunch at Island Lake Shelter with Mt. Washington providing the backdrop. As we headed back toward the parking lot we caught an occasional glimpse of Three Fingered Jack. We arrived back in Eugene before dark. It was a very good day for Doris Allen, Dan Bates, Jerry Crosby, Genie Currier, Bob Dark, Bob Foster, Pennie McAvay, Glenn Meares, Chris Shuraleff, Carol Stern and Jane Hackett (leader).

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