Fall Creek Trail

November 16, 1991

Fall Creek Trail had a stronger appeal than usual on November 16 … it was the only hike posted. Nineteen hikers responded including Kelly McIver, a reporter for The Register-Guard. Kelly intends to write a story about the experience. Our group spanned a wide age range from senior Ray Mikesell to a young lass named Megan Wright. Bob Dark’s van helped resolve the transportation problem and our three-vehicle convoy rendezvoused with the Anselmos at the Lowell Ranger Station before proceeding to the trailhead at Dolly Varden Campground. After discharging our passengers, Bob Dark and I drove to a point about three miles upstream from Bedrock Campground where we stashed Bob’s van and returned to square one in my car. Hence, it was nearly 10 a.m. before we set off along the trail. The weather was far from ideal but, because of the protective canopy, we were only getting a drip from the elements. Besides, it’s hard to detract from the fairyland-like atmosphere of that trail. The majesty of the old growth hemlock and fir, as well as the mosses, lichens and ferns backgrounded by the scenic and musical contribution of the creek, makes this hike a great experience even under trying conditions. Consequently, morale was high when we stopped for lunch at Johnny Creek Campground. The weather actually deteriorated as we proceeded toward our destination but smiles still predominated as we finally trudged out to our march objective about 3 p.m. Bob’s passengers plus all drivers piled into his van and in a relatively short time all of the following were homeward bound: Rick & Jan Anselmo, Sheri Clark, Bob Dark, Allison Foster, Jane Hackett, Sylvia Harvey, Corinne Hunt, Jan Jacobsen, Bonnie Ledford, Vicki Levine, Kelly McIver, Ray Mikesell, Jeffrey Paulin, Sharon Ritchie, Birgitte Williams, Margee & Megan Wright, and Vernon Barkhurst (leader).

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