Eel Creek

November 9, 1991

I’ve lead Eel Creek every year at the same time for many years (I don’t have the temperament for keeping track of just how many!). I was struck this year by how I never get bored with the trip. Not only does it remind me of Lee Hatch and the many self-made adventures he created for himself at Eel Creek, but this is not a static landscape. Most hikes are always the same from year to year, but Eel Creek is always a surprise. This was the first year I noted a very major change in the configuration of the entire landscape from last year. What was once a valley between two high dunes is now filled with sand that blocks your view. Of the three high parallel dunes that greet you at the beginning of the hike, the middle one is now half its original height, and now you get a clear view of the one behind. The weather always plays a major role in this trip. This year we had sun for part of the hike and dense fog on the beach. While we had lunch and took time to beach walk, the fog bank moved inland making the trek back over the dunes more challenging than usual. As always, Arlene’s had great cinnamon rolls, the elk showed up at the refuge and Mo’s had great chowder. This was one of the better trips to Eel Creek. Eel Creek hikers were: Doris Allen, Allison Foster, Ray Jensen, Teresa Ladd, Ann Luster, Glenn Meares, Ray Mikesell, Anne Montgomery, Jeff Poulin, Dave Predeek, Sharon Ritchie, Harvey Speck, Gene Thaxton, Christy White and Jane Hackett (leader).

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