Kentucky Falls/Roman Nose

October 26, 1991

This was a perfect Fall day hike to Kentucky Falls and Roman Nose even though it was mostly cloudy. The sun did shine some on top of Roman Nose and the clouds that were present as we went up were not present on our return around 3:00 p.m. Only a very few mushrooms were present. We did see a family of Winter Weavers near Upper Falls and miniature (tiny) frogs at Lower Falls. We registered the mileage on Ray Mikesell’s car from the gravel pit at Roman Nose to the S.E.H.S. parking lot at 44.2 miles. Hikers were Joanne Haines, Sylvia Harvey, Gary Marx, Ray Mikesell, Sandy Moore, Anne Montgomery, Denise Seviany, and leaders Nola & Ted Briles.

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