Hardesty Mountain

October 20, 1991

As we stepped out of our car, we could smell the Warner Creek fire. So we started our hike with little hope of seeing any views. What was lacking in views, however, was quickly made up for by trail scenery. Surprisingly, this close-in trail is really beautiful. Also you would never guess that we had just had a dry Fall: the surrounding forest was green and lush. Old growth firs and thick canopies of still green vine maples lined the trail. The trail goes straight up; except for one set of switchbacks, a road crossing and one short hike on a logging road. On the top, we did get to see the Sisters, still bare of snow. We had a long, leisurely lunch, good conversation and sun-bathing before we headed down. A slight breeze must have blown the fire smog away, as we had a beautiful view of very blue Lookout Point Reservoir. Larry Cotten, Barb Elsen, Fredric Kropp, Clare Tucker, Sue Walling and leader Carolyn Kompanik were back in Eugene at 5:00.

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