Fall Creek Trail

October 20, 1991

A sunny, mild day — perfect for hiking. Left S.E.H.S. at a civilized 8:30 and by piling all eight hikers into the leader’s wagon for a one-car shuttle, we were underway down the trail by 10:00. A brisk pace, but stops for water, sightseeing, and lunch. Creek is in sight for the first and last third; middle part climbs away for panoramic views. Some light smoke from Oakridge fire in the afternoon. Finished the entire 13.7-mile trail a little after 4:00 and easily back home before dark. Beautiful hike on a Fall day enjoyed by non-members Lynda Christiansen and Denise Sevigny, and Obsidians Marty Hathaway, Gary Marx, Ben Jeffries, Carol Stern, Suzanne Steussy and leader Ed Lichtenstein.

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