Wildwood Falls

October 5, 1991

Bob Devine led the ground down from Eugene to Shirley’s mailbox at Milepost 6 on Row River Road near Cottage Grove. The day was gorgeous and still in its very warm mode. Colors were beginning to show, though the dry weather seems to have made more brown colors than we might otherwise have had. Wildwood Falls poured lightly over the rocks in its low season. Rujada Campground is a lovely spot for lunch, as it is beside a stream and under tall trees. On the road we heard a couple of shouts to “Get off the road …” but most drivers are very considerate. Traffic is not much of a problem but there was more than usual because Government Road construction throws more onto Row River Road at the moment. The ride was very pleasant on a beautiful day, and was enjoyed by Doris Allen, Mary Battin, Bob Devine, Carol Houde, Corinne Hunt, Dave Predeek, and leader Shirley Froyd.

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