Jefferson Park

September 13-15, 1991

In spite of the end of the trip and our dismay at finding ALL our vehicles had been broken into and vandalized, it was a super three days. The first day was cool/cold and damp. As we climbed higher, we ran into clouds/fog, which allowed only limited visibility. We elected to camp at Bays Lake rather than Russell, thinking it would be more protected, and, as it turned out, easier to find in the fog. Mike Shirk kept us all warm and dry with a “perfect” fire. After dinner the fog/clouds lifted and we were treated to a spectacular sunset view of Mt. Jefferson. The night was cold and everyone had to pile on all their extra clothing. Saturday dawned clear and warm. That day we explored the park, collected spring water, investigated meadows with wildflowers and waterfalls, and found a hidden lake. Lorraine found a rather fresh pile of bear scat that was so huge we were all grateful it was scat and not the bear! We had lunch at a lovely spot overlooking the Warm Springs Reservation. That night it was warm, clear and perfect — as was the final day. Jeff Park is truly a backpacker’s dream. The group was really compatible, which led to much banter, teasing and laughter. Special thanks to our unofficial co-leader, Mike Shirk, for his great fires, concern for all, and knowledge on so many subjects — although it was hard to keep up with him on the trail in order to hear what he had to say!! Our super group consisted of non-members Sue Mombert, Kristen Kaminski, Wayne Ford, Arum Toke and Mike Shirk, and Obsidians Lorraine Mombert, Velma Shirk and co-leaders Barb Elsen and Sharon Ritchie.

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