Larison Creek

September 8, 1991

The old growth stands that remain along the length of Larison Creek were marvelous. This was the second time I’ve hiked this trail, the first time was as a new member several years ago. I thought it pretty then, but I had a knifelike pain in my knee and didn’t pay much attention to the size of the trees and was wishing I’d stayed home! Sunday, Sept. 8 I lead a group of 12 up this trail and saw it with different eyes. I took along a new map called “50 Old Growth Day Hikes in the W.N.F.” It’s expensive ($6.95), but I’ve decided it’s worth the cost to me. I learned a lot from the written material on the map, and 34 of the 50 hikes have detailed maps and mile-by-mile descriptions of what you are seeing as you move along the trail. The hike itself is fairly easy at 6½ miles in length and most of the elevation gain is in the last mile. There are three stands of fully developed old growth, with some trees 6-8 feet in diameter, interrupted by partial old growth stands and one fairly recent clear cut a little over mid way in the hike. Larison Creek stays close to the trail for most of the way. If I were to lead this hike again, I would not use a car shuttle (as I did at the map’s suggestion); it’s a 30-minute-plus trip anyway. I would start at the Hills Creek trailhead off Road 21, hike up to the North Fork of Larison Creek and return to the cars. This is a five-mile hike with little elevation gain and takes you through all of the old growth stands. If you cross the creek there is a series of steep switchbacks opening onto a half-mile clear cut that terminates in a logging road. Larison Creek — about one hour from Eugene — is worth a visit. Hikers were Marion B., Shari Malla Felton, Joanne Haines, Marty Hathaway, Dorothy Hayes, Marilynn Larsen, Bonnie Ledford, Gary Marx, Sandy Morse, Virginia Prouty, Sharon Ritchie, Christy White and Jane Hackett (leader).

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