Mt. Yoran

September 7, 1991

After a beautiful week of sunny weather, the trip leader was a little surprised to find it was sprinkling the morning of the hike, not exactly the kind of weather to take a hike that is supposed to have good views. Perhaps discouraged by the weather, a couple of people didn’t show, but we had enough stand-bys to fill three cars. By the time we got to Oakridge the rain had stopped; by the time we got to the trailhead the clouds were beginning to thin; by the time we stopped for lunch by the lake we were enjoying a lovely sunny fall day. After lunch we ascended to the saddle where the ridge to the top begins. About half the group went to the top, the other half stopped at various points along the upper ridge to enjoy the view and wait for the others to descend. On the way back Norm Benton located a blueberry patch which was harvested by Glenn Aplin, Norman Benton, Sharon Friedland, Karl Hartzell, Stefanie Heinzkill, Frederic Kropp, Sandra Larsen, Lorraine Mombert, Velma Shirk, Wojciech Szaleciki, Keith Christensen, and Richard Heinzkill (leader).

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