Boulder Creek

September 1, 1991

After some initial difficulty, our hiking group located the trailhead. It was not quite as described in Bill Sullivan’s book: there was no marker at the trailhead other than a bronze plaque thanking the trail’s builders. About 10 minutes down the trail we met an older fellow who told us where we were and where the trail went. It was our intention to walk on a mostly level trail along the North Umpqua River, just within the Boulder Creek Wilderness. We all very much enjoyed stretching our legs after the long car ride. The North Umpqua delighted our eyes and ears with its rocks and rapids. To get better acquainted, we took turns guessing each other’s ages, body weights and Sun signs. The only other hikers we met were four domestic sheep! Since we had the woods to ourselves, we indulged in some skinny dipping in a cold pool along a side creek. On the long ride home we talked about our favorite foods much of the way. Our turn-around point on the hike was an interesting rock formation unfortunately juxtaposed with an interesting hydroelectric plant. Boulder Creek hikers were Gary Marx, Joe Lerner, Arun Toke, Marty Welches and Susan Baker (leader).

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