Demaris Lake

August 17-19, 1991

Five Obsidians spent the weekend of August 17-19 at Demaris Lake, which is 5½ miles along the Pole Creek trail. Janet Jacobsen, Jane Hackett, and John (trip leader) & Lenore McManigal started on the trail about 10:30 after leaving Eugene at 7:00 that morning. We arrived at Demaris Lake about 3:00 p.m. to find John Jacobsen waiting for us. He had spent three days exploring the west side of the Cascades near the Middle Sister. On Saturday he went cross-country to the east side between the Middle and South Sisters to Camp Lake. From there, he followed the trail to Demaris Lake. After we set up our tents and some of us had eaten dinner, rain began to fall about 5:00 p.m., and this soon became a violent thunderstorm for about two hours. One clap of thunder was so close it seemed to shake the ground.

The next morning, we awoke to a beautiful day and saw a new dusting of snow on the North Sister! After breakfast, we traveled about 3½ miles to beautiful Camp Lake where we ate our lunch, and waded and swam in the lake. We also saw the Obsidian day hikers led by Mary Ellen West, who had hiked to Camp Lake. Sunday night was a repeat storm, only later at night. Lots of rain fell for about an hour.

On our trip back to the car on Monday, we came upon piles of hail still on the trail from the previous night’s storm. This was a very good trip to beautiful territory, with very nice people.

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