Cone Peak, South Peak & Echo Mountain

July 14, 1991

Five hikers rapidly hiked up Cone Peak to the saddle where fields of wildflowers were at their peak — scarlet gilia, Indian paintbrush, larkspur, and yellow flowers made a nice foreground to Iron Mountain lookout to the west. More slowly, we traversed steep Cone Peak. We could see Mt. Rainier, Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, Three-Fingered Jack, Mt. Washington, the Three Sisters, Mt. Bachelor and Diamond Peak very clearly from the top. After descending to the east, we hiked up South Peak to another great view of the High Cascades. After a nap, we hiked up Echo Mountain with Ben Jeffries leading the way. Great views of Three-Fingered Jack, Mt. hood and south to Diamond Peak. After signing a piece of paper and putting it in the Echo Mt. summit bottle (under a rock), we hiked down Echo Mt., up South Peak and part way up Cone Peak to the saddle. All five hikers (Ben Jeffries, Susan and Lorraine Mombert, Marty Hathaway, and leader Bob Foster) enjoyed the hike immensely.

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