McKenzie River Trail

July 7, 1991

This was, as usual, one of my great adventures since I lost most of my party at Carmen Reservoir where we had planned to rendezvous. Our leader, on a “walk-about” assumed hikers had tired of waiting and had continued down the trail to the breathtaking azure Blue/Green Pool. This is where we all finally came together as a viable Obsidian hiking group. As my math teacher at Brewster Academy, Wolfeboro, N.H., used to say: “A happy ending always justifies the means” and as Andy Thompson said, “All is well that ends well”. As for the trail — the Sahallie Falls and Koosah Falls are breathtakingly beautiful, then the old growth forest comes in its pristine majesty; for the finale the Great Blue Pool appears in our forest primeval. Then we walked out to our shuttle car at the power plant, located east of Trail Bridge Reservoir, on a soft, bouncy trail of Douglas fir needles. On the way to the trailhead we were pleased to come upon Wilma and Frank Moore and the twins. Except for the delay at Carmen, this trip was extremely rewarding. At the Great Blue Pool were Martha Brown, Genie Currier, Walt Davis, Marty Hathaway, Jeanie Holmes, Corinne Hunt, Ray Jensen, Bonnie Manheim, Gary Marx, Barbara Newton, Susan Stewart, Andy and Marie-Anne Thompson and Parker Riddle (leader).

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