Clear Lake Trail

June 29, 1991

Things have a way of working out! First, two people materialized who hadn’t signed up for the outing. Next a person who did sign up and promised to drive failed to show. So, you have a problem, right? Wrong. Not when Miki Hutchison is a member of the group. I can’t remember all the times Miki has bailed me out of a situation like the foregoing. So, with only a slight delay while Miki fueled her quite new car, we were on our way to Clear Lake. Though the forecasters had said there was a 30/40 percent chance of showers and the sky looked threatening, I felt an inner confidence. Gladys Grancorvitz was present and she had vowed not to go if it was going to rain. She was right. Conditions kept getting better as the day wore on. The lake was beautiful as ever and it had attracted a large number of boaters — fishermen, actually — and they were catching fish! As we circled the lake we kept seeing evidence of successful angling. The resident osprey seemed to be tending chicks in her lofty nest as we watched her. Another natural phenomenon we witnessed was a mother duck, probably a common Merganser, with a baker’s dozen ducklings in tow. I’m at a loss to know how one duck could incubate that many eggs!! We reached the Great Spring for our lunch break, and were reluctant to leave its serene beauty for the balance of the hike. Back at the cafe they were so busy we couldn’t all get a table together. Following a repast of delicious pie we split for home, arriving in Eugene about 4 p.m. Those making the Clear Lake circuit were Wendy Boney, Genie Currier, Gladys Grancorvitz, Mike Hutchison, Kristen Kaminski, Bonnie Ledford, Joyce Mitchell, and leader Vernon Barkhurst.

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