Rebel Rock Loop

June 29, 1991

This year’s Rebel Rock Loop “Death March” was the 7th annual running of this popular event. [Late report — maybe no-one will notice that this hike actually took place June 29th, 1991, if I don't make a big deal out of it!!] The weather was excellent for hiking, cool but with some clouds covering the high peaks (if my long-term memory serves me correctly). I’m just sorry so many people had to be turned away; the hike is limited to 12 people because of Wilderness area restrictions, and only the early sign-ups made the cut-off. [Quit laughing, Gary!!] Well, so only six people showed up, and three of them were friends I blackmailed. We left the trailhead at 10:00 and reached the 5.7 miles junction in 1 hr. 45 min. (Of course, John had already been there long enough to chill out.) I question whether it really is 5.7 miles as the map shows, but it’s all uphill so it gets your attention. We stayed on the south-bound trail and then more or less duplicated last year’s interesting cross-country route to the base of Rebel Rock. The final 30 feet is a rock climb, rock scramble or rock chute cop-out, depending on the route option selected. After lunch we reluctantly left our “elegant” perch on Rebel Rock and finished our cross-country hike to the regular loop trail, with a stop at the large rock outcropping on the ridge. Next stop was the Lookout, then more “up” to the last great panoramic view point. The “memorable” finale is the four miles of steep downhill trail to the cars. The whole hike is a pay-off and pay-back kind of situation. We didn’t all escape unruined from this trip. One of the group had real problems with badly aggravated knee tendonitis. The last four miles, of course, wasn’t exactly what a doctor might have prescribed! All in all, this was another mighty odyssey. Great views, fascinating variety, great friends and boil-sore feet. Hey! Who said the real thrill was taking off the boots? Fellow loopers were Michael Cooper, John Englehart, Karin Thompson, Robert Newhall, Wojciech Szalecki, Eugene Pustay, and Ed Lovegren (leader).

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