Gold Point

June 23, 1991

Three phone calls: #1, Yes, the Opal Creek Trail is complete. #2, No it exists only on paper. #3 (to supervisor in charge of trail construction for, the Detroit District), No, it is not complete! So a last-minute minor detour was initiated. We went instead to Gold point. It was a beautiful day. A blue sky full of white fluffies. The trail is lovely and well worth the workout. We ate lunch in a meadow near the top. It was carpeted with an extraordinary variety of colorful wild flowers. Most of the group napped in the sun for an hour after lunch. Starting back down, we saw an unusual (we thought) vine. Ten botanists at work. “Looks like honeysuckle!” “But it’s bright orange!!” Back at the truck, get out the book. A’ha! an orange honeysuckle. What a group! My hard hiking, nap taking, floral experts were (non-members) Ben Jeffries, Debbie Morin, Cella Bosworth, Brian Wilga, and Patty Kincaid, and Obsidians Mardi Klotz, Genie Currier, Sylvia Harvey, Barb Elsen and leader Sharon Ritchie.

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