Frissell Trail

June 16, 1991

The Crescent Mountain hike didn’t go to Crescent Mountain after all! We had so many poop-outs due to questionable weather that the three hardy types who showed up at the SEHS parking lot realized we could go anywhere we wanted. We quickly scanned Bill Sullivan’s new book and selected Frissell Trail. Bill’s directions were not so good to the trailhead; however we did see several hiker signs pointing the way. The signs went to the right where Bill told us to go left. We decided to believe the visual clue over the printed word and shortly arrived at an unmarked trail. Looked like a beaver had bitten off the sign. We ascended and ascended and ascended some more, through a lovely open-feeling forest of fir and madrone and oak or chinquapin. Once we got back to the car, where the leader had cleverly secured her map, we discovered that we had climbed up to Lookout Mountain. Our hike therefore was longer than that described in Bill’s book. We figure we hiked 10 to 12 miles. We were treated to some brief sunshine during lunch break at a rocky outcrop close to the summit. Otherwise the weather was almost as bad as the no-shows had expected!! Great stamina was exhibited by hikers Gary Marx, Marty Hathaway and leader Susan Baker.

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