Coburg to Brownsville

May 26, 1991

At 10:00 a.m. on a chilly Sunday morning, six riders met in Coburg for the Annual Brownsville Bike Ride. This year the distance was stretched from 40 miles to 50, and three people extended it another 20 or so miles by round-tripping it from home by pedal power. Outward bound, a strong headwind slowed our pace as well as adding a bone-chilling bite to the wind. After turning east on Priceboro Road, our speed picked up as we entered the wind shadow of the surrounding hills. Flights of golden finches, wild turkeys and a lone pheasant added a touch of brighter color to the lush monotone green of the fields. Midday found us pedaling into Brownsville’s Pioneer Park for lunch. There was no sun to cheer us up — but the mellifluous gurgling of the Calapooia River did add a classy pastoral touch to our picnic-in-the-park dining experience. Homeward bound, we found ourselves flying along with the wind at our backs. A quick pie, coffee and ice cream stop was made at “The Hungry Farmer” (where they graciously cater to hungry anybodies). By mid-afternoon we were back in Coburg, where we split up to go our separate ways. The physically tired but psychically refreshed participants were: Norma Lockyear, Glenn Meares, Dick Moffitt, John Pilafian, Pat Sterling (a visiting professor from Colorado) and leader Bob Devine.

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