Moon & Spirit Falls

May 26, 1991

Hiking three miles uphill on a gravel road paid off. Taking off from the road, one hikes a beautiful trail for half-a-mile. Rounding the head, you are suddenly confronted with a gorgeous, lacey fall — “Moon” by name. The height and volume of water rushing to wherever was an amazement to all. Lunching there (picnic lunch provided by the Fall genie), we returned via the same trail. We made a short detour to Spirit Falls — another magnificent show by Mother Nature. Good trip, thanks to Susan Baker, Genie Currier, Ben Elkus, Marty Hathaway, Sylvia Harvey, Corinne Hunt, Bonnie Manheim, Gary Marx, Betty Staeck, Mari Baldwin, Angie Cowles, Reyna Greenfield, Ben Jeffries, Bonnie Ledford, Jim Lindberg, Kay Pohl, and Virginia Prouty (leader).

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