Upper Camp Creek Bike Ride

May 5, 1991

We met at Alton Baker Park at 10:00 a.m. There were five no-shows: did they perhaps not notice the meeting place on the sign-up sheet? The weather looked promising as we set off on the River Bike Path towards Springfield, but we had to detour to the road for part of the way as there was a run going on. The wild delphiniums along the Canoe Canal Path were truly spectacular. We went out 5th Street in Springfield to the EWEB bike path, then to Hayden Bridge via Hayden Bridge Road, out Camp Creek Road to the gate across the logging road, where we ate our lunch. On our return, some of the group returned back through North Springfield to Harlow Road and Coburg Road, where the rest of us opted for a little longer ride out Old Marcola Road, Hill Road and McKenzie View Drive to Armitage Park and back into Eugene via Coburg Road. A few sprinkles on the way home, but all-in-all nice biking weather and some beautiful views of wild flowers, green hills and fields populated with farm animals and their young, and of course our beautiful Willamette, McKenzie, Camp Creek, and Mohawk Rivers. Riders were Mary Bremner, Bob Devine, Shirley Froyd, Carol Houde, Kristen Kaminski, Norma Lockyear, John Pilafian and Rose Marie Moffitt (leader).

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