Alpine Trail/Tire Mountain

April 28, 1991

If snow, cold and a thick mist are your favorite hiking conditions, you missed out on a terrific opportunity! We had all of those conditions on the Alpine Trail-Tire Mountain hike. We began hiking from spur road 683 and did a short section of cross-country hiking to get our blood circulating and secondarily to reach the trail at that point. Everyone was a good sport about this. The altitude where we left the cars was about 3,300 feet. We hadn’t been on the trail long before we hit snow. Of course, the snow depth increased with the altitude. By the time we had reached the 4,330-foot summit of Tire Mountain, the snow was about a foot deep. Dan Bates and I decided it is always cold and misty on Tire Mountain, and there never is a view! With all the snow the wild flowers were in short supply. We did see the tracks of several deer who had foolishly hiked into the area, too. It was one of those days when I say, “Oh well, at least I got my exercise!” Fortunately, the companionship was warmer than the weather. The following stalwarts braved this eight-mile hike: Susan Baker, Dan Bates, Ben Elkus, Marty Hathaway, Kristen Kaminski, Janet Leavitt, Bridget McColville and Ann Montgomery (leader). A special thanks to the drivers.

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