Finley Wildlife Refuge

April 20, 1991

Another delightful day exploring the refuge. We started early and got back to Eugene by 4:00 p.m. First stop was at McFadden’s Marsh where Phyllis was happy to see a willet along with other water birds. We drove to the Headquarters site. Thanks to Phyllis for sharing information about the landscaping around the historical Fiechter House, the sapsucker holes in the trees, and the cliff swallows building nests at the Red Barn. After a pleasant stop for lunch along the one-mile Woodpecker Loop Trail, we were startled by a large 3-ft. gopher snake crossing our path — this is Oregon’s largest snake, yellow mottled, cream colored with brown. Seeing this snake was special for me — for others it was the deer, owl pellets, ant hills or wild flowers. Sig said he liked the leisurely pace as we walked along Gray Creek and the Mill Hill Trail (there used to be a saw mill here in the ’30s). I was disappointed not being able to get to Maple Knoll because of downed timber. Eager, enthusiastic nature lovers wanting to return again were Timothy and Victoria Bolz, Lou Bowder, Phyllis Ford, Jeanie Holmes, Miki Hutchison, Norma Jones, Teresa Ladd, Sig Otto and leader Dot Leland.

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