Brice Creek Trail

April 7, 1991

After a rainy, cool Saturday in Eugene, and many people cancelling, I began to feel that I would be spending my Sunday in a double-feature movie. At 8:15 we left S.E.H.S. with three no-shows and no rain. My companions agreed to hike this trail, leaving only a snowstorm to stop us! A light shower forced us to start our hike in raingear and umbrellas. Our attention, however, was quickly distracted by white water. Brice Creek was high and roaring. Also, it didn’t take long before we were entranced by the beauty of this trail. Giant trees greeted us, snow queens were saying goodbye, trilliums, violets and Western colts foot looked happy. Many swollen stream crossings challenged our jumping skills. At noon we arrived at Champion Creek to Sun and kayakers. There also was a stray hiker (who turned out to be Karen Thompson). Karen, an avid hiker, forgot to change her clock, was 45 minutes behind, and caught up with us at lunch. After we ate, we took a new half-mile trail to a misty gorge, which housed a spectacular waterfall. Another plus for this trail. The weather was good to us hiking out, and we were entertained by the amazing ability of the kayakers to confront the many drops, holes, falls and narrow channels of Brice Creek. A strong shower started as we arrived at our cars, and Susan Baker, Dan Bates, Karen Thompson, Hilma Volk and this leader — Carolyn Kompanik — felt like we couldn’t have orchestrated a better day!!

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