Ash Swale Shelter

April 28, 1991

Responding to the call for volunteers to work on the recently vandalized Ash Swale Shelter, six hardy, rain-proof Obsidians and one Forest Service artisan descended/(ascended??) on that soggy shelter on Sunday, April 28. Damaged sections of the roof and walls were re-shaked, some interior structures removed and the site generally cleaned-up and rehabilitated. A quantity of camper’s trash was also disposed of.

Though it was a drizzly, “moist” day, the main repairs were completed as planned. The Forest Service will remove the heavy cast-iron stove that had been installed, and long-term plans call for a complete overhaul of this well-known forest shelter (“… when funds are available”!!). “Sunday Ash Swalers” were Jane Hackett (leader), Sharon Ritchie, Dave Predeek, Wes Prouty, John Corliss, Helen Smith, Mary Bridgeman, and Larry Lassiter (from the Lowell District Ranger Station).

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