Mt. Thielsen

September 15, 1991

At the Diamond Lake Campground, Jane, Jan and John put up their tents and took a quick swim. Dan Bates and Dallas Hemphill arrived in time to join the crowd for pizza at the local restaurant. We were at the Mt. Thielsen trailhead by 7:00 the next morning, where we saw Gene Thaxton’s car. We bounded up the trail in hopes that we could catch up with him. Alas, his 15-minute head start put him on top long before we reached Chicken Point at 12:00. Jane and John set up the ropes. We ate lunch on top and started down from Chicken Point around 2:30, and were back at the trailhead by 5:30. It was perfect weather for a climb and for taking photographs. Climbers were Dan Bates, Dallas Hemphill, John & Jan Jacobsen, and Jane Hackett (leader).

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