South Sister

July 20-21, 1991

We began at Devil’s Lake trailhead Saturday afternoon. The mosquitoes attacked in squadrons as we climbed steeply to the plateau above Moraine Lake. An early start Sunday morning took us across some of the remaining patches of soft snow. The relatively inexperienced group did very well learning ice axe techniques. We proceeded up the “Red Ridge” to an unusually clear summit view from Rainier all the way to Shasta. After a leisurely hour on the summit we skidded back down to the snow. Beginning rather timidly, the group discovered the joys of glissading. Half the group hiked out Sunday afternoon, while four hardy souls stayed one more night savoring the climb and discussing the vicissitudes of incarnation in the human form. It was a fun group consisting of Chris Grandy, Sharon Friedland, Sherri Morelli, Emmy Olsen, Andy South, Shaun Titus, assistant leader Truman Grandy and Rick Ahrens (leader).

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