Mt. Hood

June 1-2, 1991

By 10:00 p.m. Saturday, June 1, a group of Obsidian climbers had assembled at Trillium Lake camp ground near Mount Hood. After limited sleep due to noisy camp neighbors, camp was broken and the party was off to Timberline Lodge by 2:45 a.m. A glorious climb began at 3:30 as the group left the climber registration area and made their way to the top of the Palmer chairlift, more romantically dubbed “The Miracle Mile”. Here, co-leader Ken Daletas began a retreat back to the lodge due to a relapse of a recent illness. The remaining eight climbers proceeded upwards, bringing out normal ice climbing apparatus at a location between the large volcanic plug and the steam vents. Once at the Hog’s Back, the group waited in line for an opportunity to proceed on, roped up. There was an endless line of climbers going up and down the Hog’s Back on this delightfully sunny but quite windy day. The notch to the east in the Pearly Gates was used and icy-windy conditions made this section of the climb a formidable and exciting task. At 11:45, this group became the first Obsidian party to summit Mount Hood in two years.

Although the summit and all portions of the route were crowded, it was a pleasant and an unexpectedly social experience. It is most refreshing to report that the courtesy, friendliness, and brotherhood experienced on the mountain that day was reassuring, enlightening, and fun. This very compatible and competent group of Obsidian climbers included Joyce Baker, Chris and Truman Grandy, Dallas Hemphill, Ruby Seitz, Chris Steele, Karin Thompson and Ken Ball (leader).

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