Diamond Peak

May 4, 1991

The group met in Oakridge at 6:30 a.m. before dividing into car pools and heading to the Pioneer Gulch trailhead. We started climbing at 8:10 a.m. It was not long before we lost the trail due to snow, so we set our compass bearing and headed through the woods towards the south-west ridge. Soon the workout started … “post holing” almost the entire trip! We took turns leading as this was real work. Lots of short breaks to drink fluids and refuel, gradually chewed up the miles (I now know the secret to Tom’s energy is his cheese and jelly sandwiches — yes, together between the same two pieces of bread!). What normally has taken us 4½-hours in past years, took 6 hours to the summit! We arrived at 2:10 p.m.; very windy and chilly on top, with the wonderful views us climbers never tire of. Congrats to Snow School participant Amy Crook for her first summit of Diamond. Most of us have not seen this much snow on Diamond at this time of year in a long time. We made it back down in less than half the time up, with lots of glissading, snow ball fights, stone stepping, and man-eating tree wells. Climbers included Rick Ahrens, Amy Crook, Tom Donnelly, Sandy Poinsett, Ruby Seitz, Karin Thompson and leaders Rich and Jan Anselmo.

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