Fall Color Trip

October 5, 1991

Saturday, October 5 dawned bright and beautiful, with sunshine and no sign of rain. Has been very dry for weeks. Left S.E.H.S. at 8:05 with 32 passengers in one of Don Moorhead’s big buses, good driver. Picked up Bill Burwell at the Village Cafe (at M.P. 31). He directed the driver up into the back woods up the road to the Blue River country. Dam was dry, dry, dry. Arrived underneath Wolf Rock, one of the major rock domes of the country, frequently climbed by people from all over the world. It is immense, especially when you are standing under it. Went further around on to the other side of the valley for a view from a distance. Had lunch up on a saddle at 5000 ft. in warm sunshine and no traffic. We did see several cars full of hunters. There were spots of color!! Believe it or not. But nothing like the Jennelle Moorhead trip some years ago! Drove through the H.G. Andrews Experimental Forest operated jointly by O.S.U. and the W.N.F. Down at the foot of the climb, Bill took us into a grove of old (ancient) Douglas firs. One was simply hard to describe for size, but bigger than the one we saw Dave Burwell with outstretched arms on a prior trip. On the way home we stopped at Blue River to visit the 24-hour free public library, run by an elderly lady, who receives books from all over. The building is brand new now, looks as though the old one replaced with plenty of sturdy shelves, and running out of room! Was very glad to see us. Stopped in at the Village Cafe about 3:15 for delicious pie and whatever. Good gang, good time. Some took exception to the comments about E.W.E.B. and its history.

Arriving at S.E.H.S at 5:00 p.m. were Murray & Wilda Agate, Rita Baxter, Emil Capron, Ingrid Carmichael, Paul & Harriet Civin, Clair Cooley, J.C. DeBreekert, Virginia DeMers, Ardis Ebbighausen, Jan Gund, Bette Hack, Elma Havemenn, Anne Hazard, Ray, Jean & Tilda Jensen, Lillian Johnson, Mary McLaughlin, Janice Pattison, Myrtle Sagen, Lois Schreiner, Marjorie Townes, Lanelda Watts, Lorene Williams, Ruth & Hawk Williams, Bea LeFevre, Grace Smith and Bill Eaton (leader).

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