Fuji Shelter

March 3, 1990

With most of our group of skiers expressing their dislike of skiing in the rain, we left a shuttle car at the Salt Creek Sno-Park in a light rain and proceeded to the Gold Lake Sno-Park to see what was happening there. Things looked up when a sun break appeared as we started down the Gold Lake Road at about 9:45. Intermittent snow showers with sun breaks stayed with us the entire day on this interesting trip. The fresh snow that had fallen overnight provided a great buffer over what would otherwise have been a very rough trail. After a quick two-mile trip down to Gold Lake, we began the uphill part. A short interconnecting trail took us to the Fuji Mountain Trail on the Waldo Lake Road. From there it is a mile or so of uphill, some steady, some steep, until we were on the ski trail leading to the Fuji Shelter. After the two mile climb we were glad to be on a bench with a lot of ups and downs, and with some views of the Diamond Peak Wilderness and environs. A couple of miles of this brought us to a clear cut where the wind picked up significantly, making the Fuji Shelter a welcome sight when we arrived at 12:45. The shelter was well stocked with wood so we started a roaring fire in the barrel stove and had a comfortable, leisurely lunch. Everyone was very appreciative of having such a nice place to eat with periodic panoramic views of the surrounding country. The 4-mile, 45-minute run down the logging road to Salt Creek Sno-Park had us at our cars at 2:00. The 10-mile trip was completed in short order by the steady pace of Bob Devine, Herb McMurtry, Ray Mikesell, Royal Murdock, Chris Steele and leader John Jacobsen.

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