Cone Peak

February 25, 1990

Just east of Springfield we broke out of Eugene’s fog into sunshine and blue skies which accompanied us for the entire day. We continued on Highway 126 to the junction with Highway 20 where we turned left, toward Sweet Home, for 8 miles to the Sno-Park about one quarter of a mile past the signed trailhead to Cone Peak. We walked down the highway carrying our skies to the trailhead. There was no other downhill experience for the next two and one-half hours when we reached the summit of Cone Peak. It was only up — steeply. The view was worth it. The vista stretched from Diamond Peak in the south to Mount Adams in the north and to the still fog enclosed Willamette Valley in the west. Somehow, by the time we’d enjoyed lunch and the view and were ready to return, I’d swear, the slope had gotten twice as steep as it had been going up. How else to explain a new world’s record for posterior and nose plants by the leader, Royal Murdock. Fortunately, the snow was wondrously soft for comfortable falls. Martha Welches perfected her kick turn, Dick Hildreth was successful with a few beautiful telemark turns. He also fell a few times, too. Somehow Tim Cook remained upright all the way down. We completed a loop by driving back down Highway 20 via Sweet Home and no one complained too much since the sign-up sheet had said “very difficult.” Summit certificates were not given for the peak but 3 muy macho and one macha awards are recommended.

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