East Odell Lodge and Trails

February 25, 1990

Odell Lodge memories: It’s always a pleasure to return to Odell Lodge each year, so many memories of years past, the roaring fireplace, icicles on the windows, the snow, and yes, the tumbling, the hikes to Fawn Lake, Lakeview Mountain, Saddle Lake, the overnighters, the hot chile, the hot mulled wine, the singing, the canoeing on a windy fall day (now how do we get back to shore?), the ubiquitous beauty of the entire area, the fishing parties, the birthday parties, the swimming parties, dust, sweat and friendly mosquitoes, happy times, happy people-good friends. Now another happy memory of skiing on crunchy snow (in New Hampshire we called this “corn snow”), pushing cars off the icy parking lot, helping a young exchange senorita from Chihuahua, her first time ever on skis, an enjoyable lunch, sitting on our skis at the meadows, the clear azure sky above, the white below, the quiet of the land, the tall firs swaying, ah, memories. Then back to our lodge and home to our city. Sharing memories were: Nina Crozier, Bob Foster, Carolyn Kompanik, Glenn Longworth, Liliana Pelaya and leaders Kathy and Parker Riddle.

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