Sutton Creek

February 24, 1990

We left the grey morning to Eugene and scampered over to the sunny coast. A pit stop was made in Florence since it was possible the facilities at Sutton Creek would still be locked up. (The campground was open, but the facilities at the overlook were still buttoned up.) We made our way from the campground, over dunes, crossing streams and bogs, going through forest to the overlook at the coast. As luck would have it the tide was in so we couldn’t walk out on the tidelands. Bob Foster, the adventurer, took off his boots and waded across to where he could get a closer look at the ocean and take some pictures. After lunch we completed the loop hike. Several people wanted to extend the day’s hiking since it was early enough and very pretty, so the trusty leader guided the group on a loop in the other direction. However, this loop proved to be like a pile of spaghetti — every which way. The old trail and/or memory was not in evidence. We wound up getting back on the trail we started in the morning. Since the leader only guarantees the planned part of the trip, the group didn’t hang the leader and bounded off to the Gingerbread House to cap off a fun filled day. Hikers were Liz Conizales, Ben Elkus, Bob Foster, Marty Hathaway, Jeanie Holmes, Corinne Hunt, Bonnie Manheim, Loretta Mason, Chuck and Sandy Reul, Fred Schepman, Eleanor Wilkerson, Ellen Wright, Betty Jean Wylie, and leader Shirley B. Froyd.

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