Santiam Pass Area

February 18, 1990

The 5:30 a.m. temperature at Hoodoo was reported to be 10 degrees. When we arrived, mid-morning, it was still a frigid 20 degrees or so. Consequently, all hands lost no time getting suited up and heading for the trailhead. There we found a foot of newly fallen, light powder snow. After a quick head count, we took off energetically. As the morning progressed, the clouds parted more and more bringing sunshine plus great views of Three Fingered Jack, Mt. Washington and two of the northernmost Sisters. As relative early birds, eve weren’t too surprised to start off breaking trail. But as the day went on, we were surprised (and somewhat dismayed) to find ourselves breaking long stretches of trail in the middle of the afternoon. Skiers were many, trail breakers few. When we reached Brandenburg Shelter for our lunch stop, we found the interior was like a fridge. By the time Dave had a crackling fire going in the stove, it was time to push on. Two miles of trail breaking brought us to Island Junction Shelter for a well earned rest. While there, most of us gulped down snacks to lift sagging energy levels. We had six miles behind us and four to go. Then it was on to North Blow-out Shelter for more of the same. The final leg was definitely the most challenging, skill-wise. Several, the leader included, suffered ego bruising tumbles. Back at the Ray Benson Sno-Park, everyone agreed that the day and the snow conditions could not have been better. If the day had a single fault, it was that five hours of single file travelling did not lend itself to becoming better acquainted with the many new faces present. But, judging from their enthusiasm for this memorable Obsidian outing, we will all meet many times again, somewhere on down the line. Enjoying good skiing on a good day were Chris Christensen, Cathy Scissors Collins, Ed Cope, Leona Devine, Barry Greer, Lynne Isaacson, Sandra Larsen, David Predeek, Carol Stem, Andy Thompson, Duane Thompson and Bob Devine (leader).

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