Gold Lake

February 7, 1990

The five of us loaded comfortably into Bob Dark’s wonderful van for the ride up snow covered roads to Gold Lake Sno-Park. The additional snow flakes that continued to add to the accumulated snow gave a welcome look of winter after our wet January. The Wednesday excursion gave us reduced traffic (compared to weekends) and a totally uncrowded parking lot and trail. One previous skier had cut a single trail for us almost to Gold Lake where we met him turning around to return. We returned the favor and he continued behind us, enjoying our trail breaking, on to the shelter where we had lunch out of the lightly falling snow. It took us about an hour to ski the 2.2 miles into the lake and 45 minutes out as Royal Murdock, leader, Gene Thaxton, Bob Dark and Birgitte Williams tried to catch Lynne Isaacson leading out.

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