Bechtel Creek Trail

February 2, 1990

We had plenty of snow at last. In fact, we had lots and lots of snow! For some of us, this, our first ski of the season, offered an opportunity for a good work-out, breaking trail through two feet or so of heavy snow. It was hard going but as we were reaching our limits, two eager-beavers from another group came bounding up our well laid track and graciously took their turn at the lead, getting us to the lake just at noon. The wind off the lake was a bit too brisk for us to tarry long so we ate lunch quickly and started back around the loop. Some opted for the Bechtel Creek Trail past the new shelter while the rest had a good glide down the road. A sociable stop at the Oakridge DQ made up for our brief lunch stop and wrapped up a very satisfying day for Bob Devine, Dot Leland, Wes Prouty, Chris Steele, Suzanne Steussy, Martha Welches, and leader Leona Devine.

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