Fall Creek Trail

November 10, 1990

Every now and then you take a hike that renews your faith in the whole process. Such was the Fall Creek hike of November 10th. A well-balanced two-carload group showed up on a beautiful morning. We departed on schedule and arrived without incident at the Dolly Varden Campground Trailhead. After unloading passengers, the two drivers proceeded on to the Johnny Creek Campground and left one of the vehicles there to give us flexibility later in the day. The tentative game plan was to hike from Dolly Varden to Johnny Creek before lunch; then, proceed on to Bedrock and double back to Johnny Creek afterward. That is exactly what we did, hiking through a wonderland of fern and moss. Along the way we were often treading on a carpet of colorful leaves. Fall Creek and its many tributaries provided a brisk musical accompaniment. On the return leg from Bedrock Campground, we took a short side trip to Slick Creek Cave, a small grotto used as a shelter by Calapuya Indians long ago. Enjoying this most congenial outing were: Mary Battin, Genie Currier, Gladys Grancorvitz, Sylvia Harvey, Many Hathaway, Corinne Hunt, La Nelda Watts and Vernon Barkhurst (leader).

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