McKenzie View Drive Bike Ride

October 20, 1990

The sign-ups for this Autumn Colors bike ride found themselves pedaling along on a rather frigid, mostly cloudy mid-October day. Consequently, though lunch was taken in an Armitage Park very nicely-built shelter, it didn’t take long for the cold to seep into our bones. Hence, it quickly became one mighty fast food stop. The fall colors along McKenzie View Drive were strong on yellows and weak on reds, but it was a beautiful ride all the same. With less traffic to contend with, it gave us more time to watch for ospreys and/or eagles in the tree tops alongside the river. Shirley and the Richardsons were better bird spotters than me, but no one was able to spot one of the few bald eagles that do frequent the area. With the sun out full, our longest stop of the day came at the junction of Marcola and Camp Creek roads where a mini market provided eats, sweets and other treats. (Diet breakers all.) Basking in the sun alongside the river brought out some “Can you top this?” fishing stories. Norman’s recounting of a recent salmon fishing trip in the wilds of Canada reachable only by pontoon-aircraft was absolutely, positively un-toppable. By mid-afternoon most of us were back in Alton Baker Park-closing the loop. Three of our riders had dropped out earlier to take short cuts home. Enjoying 30 miles of scenic riding were Elliot Aronin, Shirley Froyd, Herb Lee, Norman Longworth, Fred and Jean Richardson and their intrepid leader Bob Devine.

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