Koch Mountain Trail

October 13, 1990

Overcast sky and “sprinkles” gave us a typical Eugene send-off as we departed in Bob Dark’s 12-passenger “Wilderness Express” van for the sociable ride to the trailhead of Koch Mountain Trail #3576, about 35 miles northeast of Oakridge. We made a rest stop at the campground at Salmon Creek Falls and enjoyed the respite, donut holes and coffee as well as the beauty of the falls outlined in red, yellow and green autumn colors. As we neared the trailhead, there was a “skiff” of new snow, which melted with the help of occasional light rain showers. On our hike into the west shore of Waldo Lake, we encountered a solitary deer hunter and friend who reported sighting an elk. We enjoyed lunch on the lake shore and, as we were leaving, several of us watched a deer swimming across the bay in front of us. Perhaps the lake was a safer, though colder, haven than the shoreline. Thanks, Bob Dark, for the comfort of your van. Hikers were Joella Ewing, Jack Engstrom, Bob and Pat Dark, M. Poutrum, Uttam Guilder, Marty Hathaway, Dot Leland, Sharon Ritchie, Virginia Prouty, Dave Stone and Joe Lowry (leader).

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