Olallie Mountain

September 29, 1990

There was not a cloud in the sky all day for nine lucky people who traveled up the McKenzie Highway, past Cougar Reservoir, and up to the Olallie Trailhead for the trip to Olallie Lookout/Mountain on this beautiful Saturday in late September. Only three folks had been on the trail before. They and the initiates walked through what is probably Oregon’s most beautiful old growth forest trail and on up to the lookout on top of the mountain for lunch. On the way we linked arms around the span of an enormous old growth tree, (we estimated 40 feet circumference), caught glimpses of the Sisters, and admired the forest undergrowth. It was day #1 for hunting, but we saw no killers and heard not a shot. Lunch was relaxing at the top in 80 degrees with perfect visibility off forever. We get too soon old: not one person present, except leaders Conants, knew of the late 1960s political campaign and demonstrations (“Save French Pete”) that secured miles of forest in view against the chain saw. (Tell the children: the nation just has to have more memory of what it took to get even where we are.) We had a companionable walk out. The group actually sat around at the cars at the end of the trail and talked and “shot the breeze” for half an hour before old leader said, “Let’s head for what passes around here for civilization.” Could hardly discipline them to end the day. Great bunch! Personnel participating were non-members Uttam Guilder, Betty and Ken Metzler, Jon Tesdell, Eleanor Wilkerson and members Sylvia Harvey, Sandra Larsen and (leaders) Beth and Eaton Conant.

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