Patjens Lakes Loop

September 16, 1990

Seven eager hikers spent a lovely morning and early afternoon exploring Patjens Lakes Loop. The loop winds through a young alpine forest past two small lakes. We observed charred stumps, evidence of a fairly recent forest fire. Our group paused along the shore of the first lake for a moment’s reflection and at the second lake for lunch. We were forced to share our lunch with a flock of grey jays. We then continued to follow the trail along the shore of Big Lake for about ½ mile. Part of our group paused to view two-thirds of Mount Washington and to discuss environmental issues. All in all, it was an easy 5½-mile hike in the pleasant company of Vange Bigham, Dennis Gould, Quinton Hallet, Lynn Isaacson, Bonnie Manheim, and Susan Baker and Marcia Danab (leaders).

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