Mt. Yoran

September 9, 1990

We picked a perfect day for a hike to Mt. Yoran. The weather was in the 80s and sunny all day. We were a fairly quiet group as we hiked the first mile uphill. I hadn’t remembered it being so steep—maybe it’s changed! We had lunch at the lakes, then seven of us climbed to the top of Mt. Yoran. Suzanne even had her umbrella to protect herself from the “hot” sun at the summit. On the hike down we ate huckleberries while Ken and Louis picked enough for a pie! It was a great hike for Will Clinger, Robin C., Jackie Fern, Joanne Leder, Gary Marx, Debra Posen, Suzanne Steussy, Ken and Louis Stevenson and Diane Jeffcott (leader).

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